You can support a Guatemalan family by donating a basic goods basket monthly, every two months or quarterly. The amount of the donation will depend on the number of family members and the location of the family. De Familia a Familia takes care of the shopping, packing and distribution of the goods.


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· Help maintain and strengthen the relationship between birth and adoptive families, favoring a personal meeting.

· Channel the support and donations from adoptive families and others, to contribute to the comprehensive development of Guatemalan families.

· Provide the protein and caloric requirements needed for a balanced nutrition through the delivery of food supplies.

· Facilitate medical and dental checkups, lab exams and medicines.

· Grant scholarships for children in public or private institutions throughout the country.

· Facilitate technical education for women.

· Contribute to the health improvement of Guatemalan families’ by providing access to ecological water filters and ecological stoves (energy/wood savers).

· Favor subsequent reunions between adoptive and birth families who have already met.


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De Familia a Familia


"Our family is deeply grateful to the entire staff of De Familia a Familia for 8 years of facilitating birth family contact, which culminated in a wonderful reunion this summer. S and her coworkers are incredibly professional, sensitive, responsive and supportive to the needs of both adoptive and birth families. We could not have done this without you. Thank you!"



"We are so grateful for all the work De Familia a Familia has done for us and our birth families. You did such a great job to discretely find them, understand their situation, and report back to us about their willingness to form a lasting, long term relationship with our boys. Over the years, your execution of our twice yearly grocery deliveries has been flawless.  Now, after just returning home from Guatemala, we are even more impressed. You did a great job in arranging transport and lodging for our two families as well as facilitation of our first meetings. The impact to our boys has been immeasurable. They now are content and happy about having had the chance to meet the women who gave birth to them and meet their birth siblings. They also have a closer connection to Guatemala as a result. Lastly, your medical missions have directly contributed to life changing eye surgery for two of my son’s birth siblings.  Thanks so much!" 




"Our experience with S and her staff was no less than outstanding. Both of our children were able to meet with their birth families, and it was a wonderful and touching experience for them and for us. We really appreciated the work S did, her professionalism, discretion, and helpfulness."



"My wife, our 11-year-old Guatemala-born daughter and I spent a glorious day with our daughter's birth family in Guatemala this summer. Your tireless assistance in finding them for us, introducing us to them, arranging for our visit, helping us prepare for it, and translating for us and them on the day of the meeting were masterful, invaluable to us and so very genuine. It's obvious that connecting adoptees and their adoptive families with the adoptees' birth families is a passion and a call. Thank you for making our time with our daughter's birth family a life-changing event full of tears, joy, laughter, and love. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude."



"Thank you so much for your help in finding J's birth parents, and in facilitating two amazing days of visits with his extended family. His birth parents told the story of his adoption with such love for him, he seems at peace with how his life has unfolded."



"Thank you so much for facilitating the visit between our son's birth family and our family. While making the decision to meet with our son's Guatemalan family was not easy, we are so very glad that we made the leap of faith and did it - it was a truly remarkable and wonderful experience and has been, on the whole, a very positive experience for our son. He seems to have found a new peace within himself after meeting his birth mother and siblings, and certainly exhibits a great deal more self-confidence and courage in everyday life. He also has a new pride in his country of birth, which somehow seems to have made him more at ease at being who he is in every aspect. My husband and I feel we have new understandings of both the birth family and of the adoption process as it existed when we both cases some of the information is not easy to integrate, but we are glad for it nonetheless. We are all looking forward to visiting again, and cannot thank S and the rest of the folks at De Familia enough!"



"We were lucky enough to meet with JPs birth family twice during our recent visit to Guatemala. You provided both a bridge and a buffer between us. A knowledgeable, sympathetic bridge and a skillful, tactful intermediary allowing us to enjoy the moment. Without De Familia a Familia there would be no link - we owe you a huge debt of gratitude."



"Thank you for understanding our desire to connect heart to heart with our child's birthmother and family. You are an expert facilitator who understands the importance of the reunion to birth and adoptive families. When we met, emotions flowed freely and the reunion was far more positively rich and fulfilling than we had imagined it could be. We will always be grateful to you for your guidance throughout all the complex and challenging steps that led to our meeting and for your graceful and loving care of all of our needs at the reunion."



"We have had ongoing contact with our daughter's family for 4 years now. This would not have been possible withouth the support, expertise and sensitivity of the De Familia A Familia Team. We have had 6 face to face meetings in Guatemala - each time, the translation and facilitation skills of the team members were invaluable. Our daughter is getting to know her whole family and her country of origin. Being able to send photos and letters and groceries is so important to her, to us and to her family in Guatemala. We cannot speak highly enough of the whole team. Muchas gracias a todas :o)"



"Meeting my daughter's birth family was a deeply meaningful experience for our family. I think it is a gift for all involved -  my daughter, her birthmother and birthfamily, and me and my family - to begin what I hope will be a lifelong relationship between two families that share a mutual love for one sweet little girl. I am so grateful to S and her entire staff for helping to facilitate our visit."



"De Familia a Familia facilitated our visit in Guatemala with professionalism and compassion for all. You provide an incredibly important service and are breaking new ground in international adoption."



"I am so grateful to S and her staff for all the work they have done to support my children and my relationships with their birth families. When we visited this past summer S, MJ and C were so helpful, kind,and professional. It was clear to me that they had built trusting relationships with my children\'s birth families. My daughters birth mother has had some medical issues that we have been helping with financially but there is no way we could have done this with the guidance and assistance of de familia a familia. From the bottom of my heat-- Thank you!"



"We have met with our daughter's birthfamily twice in the past three years. Our last visit this past April was incredibly emotional and powerful. It has been so helpful for our daughter (age 6) to know where she comes from, who she looks like etc. She talks openly and candidly about her birthmother and siblings. Your guidance throughout the entire process has been tremendous, particularly in helping us navigate potentially difficult subjects, overcoming the language barrier, and helping us be culturally sensitive to our birthfamily. I can't thank you and your staff enough for the services you provide to birthfamilies and the adoptive families that want to connect with them. We hope to make regular visits over the years and are so grateful we have someone we trust to lead us through that process."




"We had a wonderful experience when we met our daughter\'s birth mother and siblings this past summer. The visit went so smoothly and S did an amazing job as translator and in guiding us through the visit. Our daughter was so happy to meet her birth mother and especially her birth siblings. It was priceless to see her and her brothers playing with her Guatemala siblings. We were able to learn so much from her birth mother about her reasons for placing our daughter, her medical history, and family history. We feel like we were able to make an emotional connection that will benefit our daughter for the rest of her life. Thank you so much for providing this service!"



"Our children met their Guatemalan families a few months ago and it was such a wonderful experience for all of us. The children now know they have wonderful family members in their home countries who love them very much and this has made them feel loved, confident and connected. De Familia a Familia handled the meetings beautifully and we are very grateful for their continued support of our family\'s relationship with the families in Guatemala. Their help continues to be invaluable!"



"I want to thank De Familia a Familia for all of the care and support you provided for the birth family visits for our adopted children this summer (2012). You created a bond of trust with our family & the birth families and took special care to assure open communication occurred for this precious and delicate meeting. It was a wonderful healing experience for all, with on-going benefits through out. This was the first of visits to come and I am very grateful to have you there! Thank you!!!"



"We met with both our children's birth moms in June. I was very happy with the assistance we received from de familia a familia. Your staff was excellent in being present for the children and the adults - the birth mom and the adopting moms. We are very thankful to de familia for their services."



"Thank you so much for the guidance, care, and love that you shared with our family this summer.  You are the reason our experience with J's birth mother was two of the most wonderful days in all of our lives.  J, being the oldest at 12, was so ready to embrace the full emotional impact of the experience.  It is so neat to talk to him now. Something was answered for him.  He seems complete."



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