First Dental Mission, August 2013

Hospital Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro invited Asociación de Familia a Familia to participate in a Dental Mission assisted by Spanish doctors and held on August 19th, 2013.  We were given the opportunity, with a two-day notice, to invite 9 participants including children over 10 years old. 

A total of 6 women, one man and a 10 year old boy, mainly from Suchitepéquez and Chimaltenango, came to Antigua where they were treated for different dental problems: dental extractions, fillings and cleanings.

One woman and the 10 year old boy were asked to come back 3 days later to finish their treatment. Asociación de Familia a Familia supported them with this subsequent appointment as well.  All the participants were provided with transportation back and forth to their hometowns, breakfast, lunch and the cost of the dental consultation.  De Familia a Familia also provided them with tooth brushes and toothpaste.  All of them were pleased with the results and very grateful.


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