Technical Education For Women

Due to their working schedule and family responsibilities, many Guatemalan women do not have the opportunity to study a technical career that would allow them to reach financial stability and a better quality of life. De Familia a Familia has had the opportunity to support several women who have completed beauty training, massaging and make up techniques, acrylic nails and haircuts. These courses are having a positive impact in their lives, giving them financial independence and comfort to their families.


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Scholarships in Private Schools

You can donate scholarships in private schools, which include enrollment and monthly fees, uniform, shoes, school supplies, complementary classes, school activities, text books and transportation.  De Familia a Familia takes care of the student’s enrollment and paying the monthly fees; currently we support 14 children located mainly in the department of Guatemala.  


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De Familia a Familia

Scholarships in Public Schools

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Although Guatemalan public schools do not charge any enrollment fees, many children do not have the opportunity to attend, or they are withdrawn by their parents because they cannot afford the expenses related to the studies, such as school implements, typing classes, school projects, transportation, shoes and uniforms.

You can help cover these expenses and reduce school desertion in Guatemala by supporting a child with a scholarship; the amount will depend on the school grade.To date, De Familia a Familia has facilitated scholarships to 60 children in public schools all over the Guatemalan territory.