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De Familia a Familia

Medical Mission May 11, 2011


With the full support of our sister foundation in the US, Families For Familias, and a donation from an adoptive family (thank you so much Karen S.), Asociación de Familia a Familia  carried out a medical mission on the 11th of May to test women for cervical cancer. The name of the test is VIAA, and it was performed by Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro, a hospital in Antigua Guatemala.  

Thmedical mission antigua guatemala 2011e selection of the birth mothers was based on their geographical location.  A total of 42 women from the central region were tested in the morning and the results were ready the same day.  The costs covered were:  The VIAA test, round trip transportation, breakfast and lunch for the group of women. 

When non-advanced abnormalities were detected, women were treated with cryotherapy during the same visit. This was the case for three women.  Fortunately, no cases of advanced abnormalities were detected. There were also other diagnoses; sixteen women had bacterial and/or fungal infections.  Asociación de Familia a Familia purchased all of the medication and gave it to the women at no cost.

Once they finish the treatment against infections and fungus, 18 women will need the following: 

1   Cryotherapy

8   VIAA

5   Colposcopies

2   Ultrasounds

2   Surgeries

There will be a second medical mission for the same purpose of testing for cervical cancer around September.  The exact date is still pending and will be determined by Hospital Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro.  

Please contact us if you wish to help us cover the costs of the pending treatments or donate for future medical missions.