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Fourth Medical Mission to be held on August 29th, 2012
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De Familia a Familia

Improved Wood Stoves and Water Filters


Nowadays, in Guatemala, there is a good number of urban and rural families still cooking with an open fire over a piece of metal sheet and soil; these families often do not have running water in their homes.  
Cooking with wood on an open fire is unhealthy because the kitchen gets filled with smoke; this kitchen is often part of a one piece living area where the family also eats and sleeps.  It has been proven that inhaling smoke from an open fire for years is harmful to the respiratory system.  Wood consumption in these types of fires is very high, which is expensive and devastating to the environment and plays an important role in the destruction of Guatemalan forests.

Faced with this reality, De Familia a Familia began delivering in 2010 improved wood stoves and water filters to the families we work with.  The improved wood stoves have a long chimeny, which allows smoke to go outside, reduces the consumption of wood to 50% and therefore contributes to the conservation of forests.

After investigating, analyzing and testing, we concluded that the stoves should be portable, preferably metal made for an easier installation, transportation and maintenance.  Finally we found the proper design developed and manufactured by a Guatemalan engineer. Families in use of the stoves have expressed their satisfaction with their performance and wood savings.

The water filters are manufactured in Guatemala and consist of a plastic container and a tap to dispense.  Inside this plastic container, there is a clay deposit which not only filters impurities, but the ionized minerals on its walls destroy bacteria that are harmful to human health.  

We hope to deliver more stoves and water filters in 2011 and with this, keep contributing to the good health, economy and general wellbeing of Guatemalan families in a responsible and environment-friendly way.